Campus Financial Services Provider

In December of 2011, as a result of a public, competitive bid process, the University of Iowa selected Hills Bank & Trust Company as the new campus financial services provider. 

Hills Bank presented the most comprehensive package that included:

  • Over 20 surcharge-free ATMs on campus
  • Two campus branch locations at the Iowa Memorial Union and the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

The Department of Education regulation 668.164(e) requires the full disclosure of financial arrangements between the University of Iowa and Hills Bank.  The agreement between the university and Hills Bank is considered a "T2" relationship as defined by the DOE.  Under the terms of this agreement the University receives support from Hills Bank through its financial contributions to scholarships, programs and student organizations.  PDF iconHills Bank UI Student Checking Account Fees Disclosure.pdf.

Students, faculty and staff are not required to open an account with Hills Bank, and they do not need to have a Hills account to use their Iowa One® Card for other card-authorized, campus services; such as meal plans, Hawkeye Dollars, laundry, door access, library services, and fee-based services like recreation centers.