UI Health Care Badge

Individuals who have a work, educational, or volunteer assignment in the UI Hospitals and Clinics will be identified when on duty by a UI Hospitals and Clinics photo identification badge. 

Staff required to wear the photo identification badge will be identified by the Health Care Compliance Flag on the University and UI Health Care Human Resource systems which indicates staff with responsibilities that include patient care or input into treatment and/or diagnosis of Hospital patients; direct patient contact; support of direct patient caregivers; the teaching of students as they care for patients; or research performed on patients.

Obtaining a Badge

Any individual who is required to wear a UI Health Care Badge must bring to our office a completed Badge Request Form​, which has been completed and signed by the appropriate department or college, authorizing the issuance of the badge.  This form is required for a first time badge or for the replacement of a badge which has been lost or stolen.

Contact your departmental HR representative to obtain this form.

Lost/Stolen Badge Replacements

Damaged Badge Replacements